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Why Electrical Testing is Vital for your Business

No matter what field a business is in, you have a duty of care to anyone in your premises and this includes all aspects of electrical safety. For this reason it is always important to have testing and inspection carried out on a regular basis. As well as safety there are also a range of other benefits which come with having your company undergo electrical testing. In this blog we will be discussing why electrical testing is vital for any business.


As a business, safety should always be a priority and failure to follow electrical testing regulations carries huge risks. We can carry out testing on all wiring and electrics within your premises. This will not only ensure you can maintain the highest safety standards but also keep you compliant with the many laws which business’ are expected to be in line with. With our PAT Testing service we can ensure you have the certification to prove you are following all relevant regulations.


If your business undergoes electrical testing on a regular basis, it can also save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to insurance. This is down to how much lower premiums can be when you show insurance companies evidence that tests take place. If you fail to comply with government guidelines many insurance companies will not even cover the cost of a claim if one is made.

Saving on Repairs

If you want to save money on costly repairs, having tests carried out is the perfect way to always maintain your peace of mind. When tests are ongoing any issues can be spotted and action taken before they become bigger problems. This will ensure you don’t have to spend extra on expensive repair bills.

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