How Brand New Lighting Can Benefit your Business

Whatever field your business is in, your premises is always going to have a need for lighting. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we install lighting for a huge range of companies around the North East and beyond. There are a range of benefits which come with having new lighting fitted and in this blog we are going to be telling you about just some of them.

Money Savings

When it comes to finances, all businesses regularly search for ways to save money, that’s why we can offer the installation of LED lighting which is designed to be energy efficient, saving you large amounts of money as you use much less energy in the long run.  When you work out the savings made, you can put these funds to great use in other areas of your business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Having energy saving lighting installed can also fulfil your business’ corporate social responsibility by showing your customers that you are committed to doing your part for the environment. Energy efficient lighting provides a perfect way to improve your reputation due to the current global push for a greener planet.


First impressions really can be everything for businesses, especially when it comes to gaining new customers and clients. We can help you modernise your premises by installing one of our stunning bespoke lighting schemes to your building. These are designed to specifically suit your tastes and requirements. You can create completely different atmospheres in your offices depending on the lighting style you decide to choose.

Here at Harvey Electrical Services we have a skilled team of electricians who can visit your premises to install lighting and provide expert advice on the many different options. For more information call us on 01325 249294 or visit

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