Clear Signs that your Property needs to be Rewired

In homes and businesses across the country there is electrical wiring which was installed many years ago. Whilst wiring is a vital component in any home, many people find it easy to forget about it as it is not clearly visible. If a property has old faulty wiring it can be a huge risk, so it is important to face the issue before any major problems occur. In this blog we are going to be pointing out some of the clear signs which show your property needs to be rewired.

Years Without a Wiring Upgrade

The first obvious thing which tells you that your home need to be rewired is if it has went a long period of time without any wiring upgrades. If your home hasn’t been rewired for more than 25 years, action should be taken sooner rather than later! Electrical problems are actually the cause for nearly 10% of all residential fires. In most of these cases, the electrical problems are the result of outdated wiring in a home. Simply doing nothing about your property’s old wiring could be highly dangerous for these reasons.

Discoloured Sockets and Switches

Sockets and switches usually become discoloured due to loose connections or degraded wiring. This happens because of the small sparks that escaping electricity can produce. You can often tell that this is the case by any discolouring that you see to your sockets and switches. When you see this problem you should act fast as it is a big sign that something is up.

Persistent Burning Smell

If there has been a smell for a while in your home which you can’t find the source of, it’s probably down to your old wiring. What you will be able to smell is the scent of electrical burning. Even if it’s just a faint smell of burnt plastic, this is likely to be a sign that there is an issue which needs resolving.

All of these are key signs that your property needs to be rewired in the very near future. Here at Harvey Electrical Services we can carry out rewiring of domestic and commercial properties to keep you safe and worry free when it comes to electricity. For more information call us on 01325 249294 or visit

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