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If you ever find yourself without home heating, due to issues with your boiler, it can be stressful and make for a very unhappy household. This worry can be a bigger problem, if you own a boiler which only certain engineers can fix. A prime example of boilers like this are the ones produced by Gledhill Pulsacoil.

Here at Harvey Electrical Services we are your local Pulsacoil specialists, offering a repair service package, to ensure you are fully covered if anything goes wrong with your thermal water heater. It is a well-known fact that local engineers who know the ins and outs of Pulsacoil are few and far between, due to the complexity of these systems.

If you have a Pulsacoil thermal water heater in your home, it could be worrying to think that you could be without help when you need it most. With Harvey Electrical Service’s expert engineers, we can make sure you never have this issue to deal with. We have staff that are trained and have the high skillset, knowledge and experience required to work with products manufactured by Gledhill Pulsacoil. The water heaters they have developed are classed as thermal stores. These work in a different way from water cylinders and water heaters. The unique way that they are built, is why only skilled engineers can repair them.

We offer our Pulsacoil repair service to customers across the North East, ensuring homes can be kept warm throughout the year. We are extremely passionate about putting our customers first and making it a priority that no one has to go without heating in their home, no matter what the system is! We will always be on hand to offer a quick service when you require our assistance.


For more information on our Pulsacoil repair service package and our other range of services, visit our website or call us on 01325 249294.

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