How To Create The Perfect Garden Party Atmosphere

Summer is now upon us and this current weather is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the sunshine by holding an amazing garden party! In this blog, we are going to be talking you through our tops tips and ideas for making your summer garden party a one to remember.


Before thinking about anything else, we would suggest organising the catering side of your party. Guests will always get hungry and are likely to leave early if the food options aren’t great. The best classic option is to opt for a BBQ. With a BBQ, you can serve a variety of dishes, including burgers, hot dogs, chicken and so much more. By going for this simple option, you can ensure none of your guests go hungry!


We’ve all been to a garden party where dad will bring his speaker and pretend to be a DJ for the day, but you could go one better at your party. Why not hire a professional DJ to bring their decks and have your attendees dancing for hours. This is the ideal way to make your garden party truly unique and better than any others before!

Outdoor Lighting

This may not be the first factor that you think of when planning your party but if you want it to go on into the night, lighting is vital! By having your whole garden lit up, you will ensure your guests can actually see for a start! As well as the obvious point of outdoor lighting, if you opt for a beautiful lighting scheme, everyone at your party will be amazed by how great your garden looks at night.

Here at Harvey Electrical Services, we can provide you with a range of bespoke outdoor lighting options, to give your garden an extra touch of beautiful brightness.

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