Electrical Safety Tips for Parents

In the modern age, there are electrical appliances, plugs and sockets everywhere in just about every household in the country. This also means that there are more hazards than ever, especially if you’re a parent with children in the home. In this blog we will be letting you know some top tips for keeping your children extra safe when it comes to all things electrical.


Appliance cords

With having so many potentially dangerous appliances around the house, it is important to keep any cords out of reach from children. The risk of a child coming across cords could include them getting tangled in them or even pulling hot items such as kettles, irons or hair straighteners from a surface, which could result in burn injuries.

Keeping dry

This may not be an obvious one but after your child has been in the bath or shower, you should make sure they are fully dried off before they go anywhere near electrical things like their games consoles. We all know the risks that mixing water and electricity can pose, so following this step is of huge importance.

Use socket covers

While a lot of sockets do have built in safety shutters to prevent access to the live parts inside, it is better to be safe than sorry! By using socket covers, you can ensure your children will have no chance of being able to put thing inside the sockets which could be dangerous. Socket covers can be purchased for cheap prices at supermarkets and they are a great tool for keeping your peace of mind.

Educate older children

If you also have older children in your home, it is incredibly beneficial to teach them all about electrical safety and how to correctly plug and unplug appliances. If your older children are well educated in this department, it will mean that they can also keep an eye on your younger children if you have to leave the room for a minute or two.


These are just a few tips that can go a long way to ensuring the maximum safety of your children around plugs, sockets and electrical appliances. If you require any further advice, please don’t hesitate to visit www.harveyelectricalservices.com or call us on 01325 249294.

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