Improving the Workplace with LED

What is LED?

At Harvey Electrical Services our LED lighting solutions have proven to be incredibly successful in saving money and improving energy efficiency.

LED lighting can be beneficial to most workplaces including offices, schools, warehouses and many more.

In this blog we will discuss the benefits of going green with HES and the overall savings and benefits it can make to your working environment.

How LED lighting can improve your workplace

LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and last longer. You are likely to see savings on your bills and LED requires a lot less electricity to power than traditional bulb.

There are many benefits of switching to LED lighting that’ll transform your business for the better…

• Provides a better work environment
• Lasts longer
• Saves you money
• Energy efficient
• Makes your business cleaner

Poor lighting is a leading factor of work loss in many businesses because of eye strain and discomfort which makes it all the more beneficial to make the switch to LED.

LED is right for you, what next?

At Harvey Electrical Services we understand that it can be difficult to find the perfect LED lighting solution for your business.

A Free LED Lighting Survey allows our HES team to find the perfect solution for you!

1. We will identify what your demand for energy is.
2. We will visit the work environment free of charge to inspect and count all light fittings that are currently in place.
3. We will look at what needs to be fitted in specific areas.
4. To make sure the LED lighting fits perfectly we will measure the size of the rooms and the lighting levels.
5. Once we have gathered all the information, we will be able to see what you are currently spending versus what you’ll spend with LED lighting in place. We will also be able to tell you your return on investment.

A good quality LED lighting solution can have over 25,000 hours lifetime expectancy. This is a staggering 25 times more than standard lighting methods! An LED lighting scheme from HES also has the potential to save a business 90% in lighting costs!

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