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At HES we know that maintaining high levels of security and protection within your business is vital. There are many solutions to ensure your company survives and thrives in every circumstance and we offer a range of products to help. In this blog we will discuss some of the ways that HES can safeguard your business from potential intruders.

Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarm systems allow businesses to feel safer and more protected against potential burglars. Statistics suggest that 60% of burglars are discouraged from committing a crime if they are aware that there are intruder alarms. At HES we are passionate about safety and security both within your business and your home. We offer a range of intruder alarm systems including motion detectors, panic buttons and key fobs/pads.


From a single camera to fully networked setups, HES has the perfect CCTV system for your business. As well as being part P registered with NAPIT, all electrical parts and labour by HES come with a full 12-month guarantee! Installing CCTV systems can be cost efficient as it means that you do not have to guard your building 24 hours a day and also do not have to invest into the ongoing expense of hiring security staff. All of your CCTV systems can be integrated to link to your phones, tv, tablet and computers so that you can easily monitor what is happening.

Access Control

Harvey Electrical Services offer tailor made door or gate entry systems for commercial or domestic use. This system provides both privacy and security! Like CCTV, this is a cost-effective security measure as it means that you don’t need to hire security guards. Door and gate entry systems are also a great way to improve kerb appeal as they can be tailored to suit the style of your building.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor lights provide peace of mind. Criminals mostly target businesses that are not well lit or have no light for a period of time. Would-be intruders do not have the benefit of the darkness to conceal their activities which will deter them from trying. HES install a range of outdoor lighting systems to ensure that your business is properly protected from criminals.

Keeping your business secure with has never been easier with HES. With a whole range of security products under one roof, we can be your one-stop-shop for business protection and safety.

If you want the best, just choose HES!

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