Why You Should Go Green With HES

LED lighting is becoming increasingly more popular in home and businesses. Not only does it provide astonishing cost saving benefits, but it also significantly improves your carbon footprint helping you contribute towards protecting the environment.

LED stands for light emitting-diode which is where an electrical current flows through a specialised microchip which illuminates the LED lights. 

Changing to an LED lighting solution will offer you 80% more efficiency than the traditional lighting schemes you have in place. Choosing an LED  lighting solution that is highly energy efficient, supplies your lights with less heat and more light will result in a much lower cost! To get your Free LED Lighting Survey please click here.

Our team of highly experienced LED specialists can help you and your business transition to LED. In this blog we are going to discuss why LED lighting is beneficial.

LED Has A Longer Life Expectancy

When using LED bulbs, you get an average life span of 25,000 hours compared to standard lighting solutions of which offer up to between 8000 and 12,000 hours of lighting. The upfront cost of an LED lighting solution maybe higher however, the period of time LED Bulbs are installed will help ensure you receive a return on your investment.

Reducing Your Energy Usage

As LED lights use a lot less energy than traditional lighting you reduce your carbon footprint as well as saving on your electricity bills. By reducing your businesses carbon footprint, you waste less energy which allows the saved energy to be used in the process of creating knew items.

LED In The Home

Many households have LED installed to help modernise the interior of their homes, using different coloured lights and designs that will help compliment décor. LED lights are known for the softness and versatility compared to harsh lighting solutions which can lead to straining of the eyes, this could potentially cause discomfort and possibly lead to further eye damage.

As LED lighting specialists we can help you choose the right lighting solution for you. To find out more information visit ‘Go Green With LED’ at https://www.harveyelectricalservices.com/ or call us on 01325 249 294.

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