Signal Plastics

Signal Plastics are part of the Omega Plastics Group who provide a range of low to high volume rapid tooling and specialist multi-use injection moulding services. Signal Plastics reached out to the Harvey Electrical Services team to install a brand new three-phase electrical supply so that they were able to increase production.  

The three-phase electric power is a method used for alternating current electric power, generation, transmission and distribution. It is also used to power large motors and other heavy loads. This was perfect for Signal Plastics as they have a range of heavy machinery that is powered throughout the day.  

As three-phase systems are much more streamlined than other systems such as single or dual phase systems, they use a lot less power but still produce the same results. Therefore, by reducing the equipment in use and the amount of power you are using, your electricity bill will be lowered, and you will be helping the environment too!  

Our team installed all electricals on time and on budget!  

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