Top benefits of Intruder Alarm Installation

In the current climate, whether it’s at home or your business, there is more need than ever for effective security measures. Whilst we offer a range of CCTV and access control options, our intruder alarms have also become increasingly popular over the last few years. In this blog we are going to be discussing some of the top benefits of having intruder alarms installed.


One fantastic benefit of having intruder alarms visible outside your home or business premises is the actual crime prevention they can bring. Statistics show that 60% of burglars are discouraged from committing a crime if they are aware that the building is fitted with an intruder alarm. Just by having an alarm installed in the first place you are much less likely to be burgled!

Instant Alert

Being made aware of any ongoing crime can be key to catching burglars whilst in the act. We offer modern systems which not only let off a loud noise in the property but also send alerts to your own devices so that you can be notified instantly even if you are away from the building at the time.

Best of the Best

The intruder alarms which we can provide you with really are the very best of the best! We offer a range of modern systems which can come with useful additions. These include motion detectors which will set off the alarm as soon as an unwanted visitor steps foot on your premises. Another great option is the installation of panic buttons. These buttons will set off your alarm and send out alerts as soon as pressed.

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