The Benefits Of Our Fever Scanning Cameras

In recent times, businesses across the world have had to adjust in order to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak effectively. This has included many teams working from home rather than the office. However, some businesses are unable to have their staff work from home and therefore will continue to work on the frontline without being able to always stay indoors. To help businesses manage this we have started to offer the supply and installation of fever scanning cameras from £80 per month. In this blog we will explain the benefits of these cameras.

COVID-19 Risk Management

First and foremost, fever screening and the use of fever scanning cameras will lessen the risk of COVID-19 making its way into your workplace. You can use the cameras to monitor staff as they enter the premises and anyone who has an abnormally high temperature (a symptom of Coronavirus) should be sent home and told to self-isolate in line with the government and NHS guidelines.

Quick And Effective

One of the benefits of the cameras we supply and install is that they are extra quick and effective. There will be a visible instant temperature available for every person captured on camera. The colour of the reading will also indicate if anyone has a higher temperature than is normal. This means that you are able to identify any potential cases instantly and can take the appropriate action.

Long Term Use

We predict that after the Coronavirus outbreak has passed, the world will change a lot when it comes to managing the risks of infection. It is likely that businesses will aim to ensure employees showing flu symptoms are identified and sent home to avoid any risk to other employees. This will mean it may become the norm to carry out fever screening, so it is good to start now.

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