Tekmar Energy Case Study

Tekmar are one of the North East’s biggest energy companies helping with designing and developing technologies to manufacturing and completing bespoke systems. However, their lighting system wasn’t allowing them to work efficiently outdoors during the evenings.

To maximise productivity in the workplace and become a greener business, Tekmar made the decision to switch to energy efficient LED floodlights with the help of Harvey Electrical Services.

How we delivered:

When Tekmar first approached us, we understood that they wanted to increase the safety for movement in their large commercial yard. The energy efficient floodlights that we installed created a brighter and safer environment for all members of staff who were working onsite. The lighting illuminates the whole of the yard and decreases the risk of any accidents that may occur.

Now that Tekmar have transitioned to a greener energy solution they can expect savings on their bills plus, employees are now able to work productively and safely outdoors during the evenings.  

A huge thank you to Tekmar for leaving us this fantastic testimonial…

“Really pleased with the improvements to the lighting in our yard, the pay back period is under 2 years, due to continued growth at Tekmar we need to work around the clock & this will help with the safety of our operators.”

If you are looking to transition to bright, modern LED lighting in your business, please contact the Harvey Electrical Services team today via our website www.harveyelectricalservices.com or call us on 01324 249 294.

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