Our predicted 2021 Lighting Trends

Over the years LED lighting has become increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial settings. At the beginning of energy efficient lighting there was only a small number of businesses who had the lighting solutions installed and now it is one of the most popular lighting choices. Harvey Electrical Services have kept up to date with the latest trends and in this blog, we are going to talk about the biggest lighting trends for 2021.

Environmental Friendliness

Lighting solutions that include wood, glass and other fabrics have become a staple item in many homes through 2020 and we think that they will continue to be popular throughout 2021. The different fabrics combined with the soft LED bulbs create the perfect lighting atmosphere. Any form of lighting that is relevant to nature it going to be popular in 2021!

Simplicity of Shapes

Minimalistic lighting tends to have the best results, especially in domestic households. Individual bulbs create an amazing aesthetic to the interior design of the home without being overpowering and drawing attention to one section of the room.  Even with a small budget you can add an amazing lighting feature to your home.

Commercial Fittings

LED fittings in commercial settings can help to enhance your products and services. The lighting solutions have helped thousands of retail outlets create an inviting and comfortable environment for their customers and employees. Harsh lighting could potentially cause eyestrains and headaches which is unpleasant for all. Plus, businesses are likely to see huge savings on their electricity bills and after a period of time they will also see a return on their investment.

The HES team understand that getting the lighting right is so important. There needs to be flexibility in a lighting solution so that it maximises performance. We offer a range of electrical services including fuse board upgrades, CCTV, LED Lighting and much more. To find out more about our services, visit: www.harveyelectricalservices.com or call 01325 249 294.

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