How LED Lighting Can Impact Different Environments

For many businesses across the country, saving money and energy is one of their main priorities. Through upgrading their old, outdated lighting schemes to LED lighting they use at least 75% less energy and it will last up to 25 times longer. Making the transition to LED lighting will help to keep your business in line with regulations and standards.

School Environments
Soft, subtle LED lighting has been found to improve students’ moods and performance in the classroom. With the lighting set to a specific colour temperature, it doesn’t have a negative impact on either students or teacher’s sight. The LED lighting could save primary schools up to £3600 per year and secondary schools £15,000 plus per year.

When you enter a shop to browse items, you need the lighting to be easy on the eye so that it doesn’t cause eye strains to your customers. Any harsh lighting can cause both employees and customers discomfort which could then lead to headaches. Enhancing the products on show is the main goal for retail shops and with the help of Harvey Electrical Services, you can create the perfect atmosphere blended with advantageous lighting levels.

With many office workers using a screen for the most part of their job, the lighting in the room needs to be as close to natural as possible so that there is a lesser chance of eye strains. Office LED light bulbs last around 10-20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs and they use 85% less energy too! You can find out more information about our office, school and retail LED lighting at our website. You can take a free LED lighting survey by clicking here: or call our team on 01325 249 294

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