How HES Can Help You Work From Home

After recent world events, more and more people are being asked to work from their own home rather than the office. Even before these events, businesses around the country had started to allow workers to set up their office at home permanently. Research has shown that working from home can have a range of productivity benefits, as well as being extra convenient for staff. In this blog we are going to let you know how Harvey Electrical Services can help you work from home.

Extra Sockets

Your first electrical need for a home office may well be the installation of extra sockets. This is down to the fact you are likely to have a number of new devices that need to be plugged in, in varying locations. This could include printers, computers, fans for those hot days and more. We can safely install your new sockets, ensuring your days of home working run smoothly.


If you are going to be working in a space for a prolonged period of time, it’s important that you can rely on the lighting to work effectively and efficiently. We can install LED lighting that will save you money and require less maintenance over time. Brighter lighting is also better if you are going to be on video conference calls from your home office.

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Testing Services

We offer a range of testing services to ensure the electrics in your home office meet all rules and regulations. Firstly, we can cover your PAT testing needs on installations and appliances. We also then can provide regular testing to find any faults before they can make an impact.

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