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Are you considering joining the EV charging revolution in Durham? Making the switch to electric powered vehicles has never been easier with Harvey Electrical Services. Our partnerships with many reputable EV charging suppliers allow us to provide customers with only the very best and latest technology. In this blog we will be discussing some of the benefits of EV charging as well as how Harvey Electrical Services can help you transform your home or business. By filling in this form we’ll be able to assess if you are eligible for an OZEC grant and it will enable us to provide you with an accurate quote too!

For the Environment

Purchasing an electrical vehicle and joining the green energy movement will benefit not only your bank account, bust also, and most importantly, the environment. Electric vehicles emit significantly less greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars, taking into account production as well as the generation of electricity to keep them running. EV manufacturers use eco-friendly materials!

For your Business

There are many benefits that will arise as a result of installing EV charging stations at your business. They will help put your business on the map and attract customers who may not have otherwise been aware of it. EV charging is still a somewhat niche market despite its rise in popularity in recent years, so installing such facilities at your business premises will set you apart from competitors.

For your Home

One of the biggest pain points for many EV customers is the access and usability of EV charging facilities. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is by installing an EV charging station at your home. Since this charger is yours, you have total control over your charging, allowing you peace of mind. You will be given the opportunity to wake up to a full battery and drive without range anxiety.

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We can provide a professional and experienced electrician in Darlington or across the North East to help you go green!

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