Electrical Hazards over Christmas

In this day and age everyone knows about electrical safety and the different risks throughout homes and buildings. Whilst you probably have adequate knowledge of these types of risks, Christmas time brings a whole new range of potential electrical hazards. Here at Harvey Electrical Services we are passionate about keeping you safe so in this blog we are going to be pointing some of the main electrical hazards over Christmas to ensure you can celebrate without worrying.


Christmas Tree Lights

Your Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of the Christmas period. There is nothing more brilliantly festive than decorating the tree with your loved ones, covering it in baubles, tinsel and lights. The last few years have unfortunately seen a number of instances where lighting has actually caused Christmas trees to set alight. It is important that you ensure you choose lights for your tree that are from a trusted seller and have undergone appropriate safety checks during manufacturing.

Overloading Power Sockets

Over Christmas you are likely to have a lot more need for electricity in your home. Whether it’s lights, decorations or brand-new gifts, you will be using electrical sockets more than ever. If you simply plug in without consideration for safety and overload sockets, this is a huge risk and could lead to the starting of a fire. As easy as it is to end up plugging in more, you should think before you do so and limit your socket usage.

Lighting Throughout the Home

If you are someone who goes all out when decorating your home for Christmas, we love your enthusiasm, but you should take extra care! It is vital that you do a check every night to ensure all lights throughout the property are switched off. This will prevent any potential fire risks. In the mornings you will be able to turn all lighting back on and enjoy being in the festive spirit!


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