Why Your Business Should Invest in Electric Car Charging Points

In the UK, there are around 95,000 electric car owners who rely on charging points to keep their car running. If you own a business with lots of employees and visitors it’s important to cater for them, that’s why electric charging points should be installed in your premises.

At Harvey Electrical Services, we are always moving with the times and can now fully supply and install electric car charging points in your premises car park. We can recommend the perfect amount and place for the charging points meaning you get the best use out of them.

Our charging points are easy to use and maintain as well as being suitable for a wide range of electric cars. There are fewer than 8,500 petrol stations In the UK and just under 4,000 have electric charging points meaning they are in small supply so having them at your company adds extra features to your business.

To enquire about electric charging points for your business, contact Harvey Electrical Services on 01325 249 294 and talk to one of our friendly team. Or visit our website www.harveyelectricalservices.com to look at our other electrical services.

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