Thermal Fever Screening

What is Thermal Fever Screening? –

The use of a long range thermal camera which converts heat (or infrared) radiation to detect elevated body temperatures which could be an indication of fever, a symptom of some viruses.

Applications –

Thermal cameras can be easily installed and used for fever screening of customers as well as employees when entering a shop, office or any other business.

Advantages –

Fever screening using thermal cameras is highly efficient as temperatures can be detected in as quick as one second and multiple people can be screened at one time whilst avoiding physical contact.

The Fever Screening Process –

A dedicated indoor area should be set up for screening, ideally where there is little or no breeze, where customers or employees can be quickly screened from a distance of 3 to 5 meters. If an individual appears to be showing signs of fever, the individual’s temperature can be double checked using a regular thermometer to confirm their temperature.

Thermal Cameras for Fever Screening

An Example of Fever Screening Using a Thermal Camera

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