What is Positive Input Ventilation?

The PIV Unit is a sophisticated system used to combat damp patches and musty odours in your home.  The Positive Input Ventilation is a mobile unit that is placed between a loft and the floor below. The air from the loft is filtered into the house to create a positive air pressure. As an alternative to placing the unit in the loft, they can pull air from outside the house too

Do you find that your windows constantly have condensation on them or there is a musty odour in your home? The PIV Unit blows out air through small vents at various speeds depending on how severe the condensation or odour isThe unit will purify and filter fresh air into your home through vents. 

Damp is often caused by too much insulation or a poor design and it will eventually erode, making your home smell musty and look unpleasant. For just a small cost per day the PIV Unit will quietly push damp air out of your property through a positive air pressure.

Not only will the damp areas in your home damage the structure of the building but they can also damage your body too. Those who have damp and mouldy areas in their home are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, infections or asthma. Through the unit eliminating damp, it will also improve the air for those who suffer from breathing problems.


  • Reduces condensation and mould 
  • Works throughout the whole house 
  • Removes odours
  • Filters the air
  • Economical
  • Low sound level

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