LED Lighting Safety

LED Lighting Safety

Fire Safety

With a traditional light instead of using its energy for power, between 60% and 95% is transferred into making it hotter therefore making it more dangerous. Traditional lights pose more of a risk because this increase in heat can lead to the bulb catching fire. LED lighting even at its hottest is around half the temperature of a halogen or incandescent bulb. With this lower amount of heat, the same level of light is produced. LED is designed to cope with producing this high level of light safely. Businesses around the North east can highly benefit from increased safety standards by switching to LED.


The increased level of heat found in traditional light bulbs can make this form of lighting extremely dangerous for businesses, especially those with lighting across busy warehouses. For example, if an employee was to touch an incandescent light bulb accidentally whilst working, they could suffer a damaging burn and seek to take legal action.


Incandescent light bulbs usually use glass that is very thin, in order to help the light shine clearly through the bulb. This however can pose a large safety risk. If you were to drop one of these lights bulbs, they are much more likely to smash upon impact. This creates dangerous shards of glass that would be difficult to clean up safely, potentially slowing down business in your premises.

Upgrade Your Lighting

LED Lighting is overall the safest option when it comes to lighting solutions in businesses around the country. Contact Harvey Electrical Services if you are interested in upgrading from fluorescent to LED lights around Richmond, Darlington, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, the North East and beyond.

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